Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spices.. let's spice it up!!

We are on our third month of:   Love it or Lose it.
I feel pretty good about the job I'm doing, although it will be a life long battle to rein in the clutter!!

While decluttering the house, I found the Pantry Closet to be Pandora's Box.
When Mr. P and I got married 5 years ago, he had his food (he lived here in this town) and I came from 2 states away.  He had some interesting items.... but just what is IN those 3 little jars... homemade pickled somthing that looks like pig-guts????? (and yes I finally threw them out, sorry honey)
Now from two kitchens we have spices on three different shelves.
Are they good?  just how old is old??

Here's what I found out: 
You can keep ground spices 2-3 years.
Whole (cinnamon) 4 yrs
To use spices that actually tast like something, you need to check jar/bottle/can for best by date
and... How to tell how old your spices are???
*If it is tin it is 15 yrs old
*If made in Baltimore it is 15 yrs old
*ALL Schilling spices are at least 7 yrs old.
If there’s a code you can type it in:

and just FYI  Schilling IS McCormick now!
here's more info: 
*Check the color of your spices. Make sure they're still vibrant. If their color has faded, chances are so has their flavor
*Rub or crush the herb or spice in your hand. If its aroma is weak and flavor is not apparent, then it's time to replace it

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

I probably should replace nearly all of mine.

Thanks for the great tips on how to tell if they're old!


Lauren said...

I think I may have the winner though-- Mary moved all her spices here and gave me some in the move. The oldest was from 1993. Ew. It met a speedy death in the garbage.

regan said...

I SO needed to hear all of this! Thanks! I'm clearing out the spice drawer right now! lol