Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Bedrooms with Pillows Galore

I just love a beautiful, clean bedroom
With TONS of pillows on the bed
but, come on.... do bedrooms always look this way???

This is our bedroom, although it never looks like this, only when company is coming.
I mean 5am comes pretty early and it's a lucky day when I pull the covers up l... so ... this is what the room really looks like when I leave in the morning. Oh yeah and don't mind the black out curtains, Mr. Produce goes to bed at 8pm and gets up at 4am.
So my burning question of the day is...
If you love pillows, and lots of them on your bed... do you have to PUT THEM ON YOUR BED EVERY SINGLE DAY???
(or am I just a slacker??)

you know, maybe its a good idea to take a picture of your room because I didn't really realize it looked like this.... I mean the beautiful dark brown Matisse shams... just blend into the headboard... and the crazy quilt squares that MY grandmother made and I made into black velvet pillows.... look small and lost. WOW ... this has been an eye opener. I do have about 4 more crazy quilt pillows .. but I don't think they look quite right? what do you think?? comments anyone??

8 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

I have pillows for my bed...four king sized pillows, plus 5 throws.
Each of my kids have two standard pillows, plus at least 2 throw pillows on their beds.
I think it's because I stage homes, and have just gotten used to using tons of pillows.
And yes,we toss them on everytime we make our beds--which 5 out of 7 days, average.
Does admitting this make me, what my 9 year old calls, a "weirdie"?

Sue said...

I put the pillows on my bed once every couple of weeks. Which is ridiculous, because they really add to the look.

Instead, I have actually purchased a large basket that I keep in the corner, and we keep the pillows in there most of the time. Pretty crazy.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well let me go run and make up my bed and I will get back with you. Yes I love the look of lots of pillows.
I have a few but not the ones I really want for my bed.
Love my oldest sons home because every bedroom has a dozen pillows and their always made at least when I am there. lol
You would die if you saw my bedroom now since I have been living in it for the last two months.
Be glad when it gets a good cleaning

blueviolet said...

My sheets, blankets, and pillows have all slipped off the side of the bed by morning. Depending on my day, I may or may not make it all fixed up and pretty.

Anonymous said...

No, I do not have lots of pillows on the bed, but I do love the way they look on other beds. I think your pillows look pretty on the bed. Hugs

Shelly said...

Okay Regan Dear.......I've got one important thing to add here! with that lovely sleighbed and the quilt you are using (and you said pillow shams are in Chocolate,,which I can't really see)
Creme,,,,,Creme and MORE Creme. Muslin! Inexpensive and will make everything pop! Add some shams BEHIND the Chocolate....and add a bit of creme lace/ruffle or even torn muslin to the lamp....Drape some lace batting as a "swag" over your window treatment top.

I'd take the heirloom pillows and put them on a chair or chest and place them atop a lacey/or neutral throw/tablecloth....

My take. Lighten it up! And IF you added another set of pillows with neutral/creme shams it would highlight the bed and other linens you already own!

Love you missy! I'd photograph my bed,,shams/linens and all, but it would only be authentic amidst the glam with the TWO big dogs! LOL


Suzanne said...

Oh man. That was refreshing. I love honest posts!

Lauren DC said...

make a bed? what is that! haha... you know me, Mom. But I do agree that made up beds with tons of pillows are as lovely as can be. I love nothing more than crawling into a made bed with fresh sheets and lots of pillows to snuggle up to... yet somehow, rarely manage to make up my own bed!