Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its going to be a busy day

Today my mother has to go in for cataract surgery. She is NOT looking forward to this and is pretty freaked out... and after looking at all these pictures on line.. I'm freaked too. YUCK-O. Man I tell you it sucks getting old!
So... ewwww
Let's talk about something WONDERFUL...
I realize I haven't shown picture of my cute little (big) hunk of love...
Here is Carson in all his glory.
They had these pictures taken by Heather of TenderShootZ,
THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES She really is talented.....
And here Carson last week when they introduced a little cereal. yum, ok that was for the spoon...already a "i want to do it myself MOM!" kind of guy
I miss being there
but thankful for pictures!

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh my gosh what a beautiful little boy..he looks so happy and just plain "I want to squeeze him till he pops"..he is just adorable...love the last photo with his hat.;) I hope your mom is doing okay...my mom had this done and sees so well now..have someone give your mom a blessing to calm her nerves.;)

Sue said...

Ew. That cataract surgery looks gross! Hope all goes well for her.

And I do love Heather's photos of your cute family!!


The McEwans said...


blueviolet said...

He's full of the cute!!!! I hope all went well with your mom!

Anonymous said...

Carson is just adorable...what way cute pictures! Love the one in the hat.

My mom just had cataract surgery on both eyes and is doing great she can see now and she is so happy. I wish the same great success for your mom.