Monday, June 14, 2010

I did it, I reached 200 !

What's with the new look you ask? or maybe you didn't ask
well, it is time to CELEBRATE!~!
Yes, I reached my 200th post. What started out at a "new adventure" (thanks Lauren) and something to pass the time ('oh mom, you've got to have a blog... ALLLLLLLL the cool kids' moms are doing it) Who would have known I could write stuff other people would want to read?

What I really want to do is THANK all my lovely readers! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU all so much for being so supportive with your comments. I truly appreciate each and every comment that you leave, each one just puts a smile on my face! OH YES IT DOES.

giveaway ends Friday June 18th at 10pm
First of all I'll be giving away something in regards to COOKING....
*towels and spreaders. This is for one of my followers! So if you've been thinking of following me... NOW IS THE TIME.
Also for all you 'photogs' out there.. I have a beautiful Silver frame... Winner will be chosen from all the comments on this post!... so comment away...(and leave your email if it's not linked up with you).
and. and. and..... With all prizes I'll include some of my flowers!! perfect for pins or clips or headbands or a plethora of stylish options!!
(stay tuned for another flower tutorial next week...)
This has been a fun year and a half reading-writing-sharing-learning ...and I hope to continue to learn and share with all my friends... I have made so many friends that I really feel like my world has been blessed. Keep coming back! and if you have ANY COMMENTS of what you'd like to see here or what works for you... let me know!!

19 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 200th post. I enjoy you blog and reading each post. I am looking forward to reading the next 200+. Hugs

purplesunset24 said...

Congratulations! :)

I just started following your blog and I enjoy everything I read. Can't wait to read more. :)

Sue said...

Happy 200! And I LOVE your new look. It's in one of my favorite colors, and the header is really cool.

Your giveaway is cool, too. And I am already a highly satisfied follower!


Gilbert Family said...

happy 200!!! i love looking at your blog! here's to 200+ more!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Lisa, you will better add me to the it all..Congrats on the 200th post..blogging is so much fun isn't it..met so many wonderful people and won so many nice things too...I am slowly decorating my home with all my giveaway/swap you know I didn't make it to the wedding reception..spent the day outside gardening and hubby tore up his stayed home..talked to the brides dad and he said he met you..told him how we met etc..he thought it was a small world too..maybe next time..hope you had a great time and found the church okay.:)

Lauren said...

love the new layout! very clean looking. love you! love your blog!

sherree said...

congrats on 200 posts!!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and just love your flowers!!I found your blog from a link on Carmen's cuties blog I had no idea until yesterday we are in the same ward :)thanks for your inspiration.

Jan Shipman said...

Lisa, I always enjoy your blog, plus it keeps us in touch. I especially liked the ones that included our mothers. Congratulations on your 200th posting of your blog. I've always thought it was a great idea. Your silk flowers are beautiful.



Congratulations on your 200th post. Please throw my name in the hat for the giveaway.

Cherie said...

Happy 200!!
There is just something so great about blogging !
I'm glad I found your blog and also glad you have enjoyed blogland!!

I love the new look of your blog it feels happy!

Cherie :D

Anonymous said...

The new blog looks great hon . Happy 200th

Love ya Mr. P.

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

Yeah to you! 200 followers and many more to come.

carmen said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 200th post - what a fun idea to celebrate! I LOVE your new LOOK!
You've got some GREAT give-a-ways here! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Kiurious said...

I am so happy you have so many followers! But you know what this means, now you need 200 more posts! Love you mom.

Momza said...

aw shoot...
I cannot type
Anywho, you know what I mean.
So glad you're on my "TO FOLLOW" list.
Makes my life sweeter
my bum number
from, ya know,
sittin' on it
to read your spectacular blog.
It's worth tho.

blueviolet said...

Happy 200th!!!! It's so fun that you're doing a giveaway to celebrate too!

Here's wishing you another 200!

Shelly said...

How come I haven't posted yet or put it on my BLOG???? Blame it on Paint fumes!!!!

Love you and going to post it on my sidebar RIGHT NOW~ Ackkkkk!

What kind of blog friend am I??? Geesh! Happy 200th~

Hugs and Love,

Debbie Jean said...

Happy 200th blog!!! I enjoy your blog a lot!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Debbie Jean said...

Oh and I am a follower!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean