Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bloggville-creating furniture

What a cool site this is.
There are lots of designs and plans and of course PICTURES.
There are so many categories and ways to get inspired.  There are Photos, and Plans and checking out her ideas by skill level.. or search the plans by "style"     farmhouse-green-modern-pioneer.
Ana White MAKES all of this furniture and gives you the plans and help to build them. 
One of the most unique, ok well they are all pretty unique, is this console... that looks like a workbench.
cool right?
and then I just thought this metal wall was really unique, not really me or my style etc, but i just liked the look of it!
So if you are in the mood, or market to make your own furniture... here is a wonderful site.

oh and I think she works for the HGTV channel!

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

janet said...

thanks for sharing this site!

janet xox

Sue said...

Very cool.


Cherie said...

She is amazing with a capitol A! She is just a mom who started making furniture and blogging about it. I have been following her for a couple years and in that time she has really skyrocketed. One time she had a letter from Pottery Barn threatening her because her "homemade" furniture was WAy tooo close to their expensive furniture - that made me laugh. She is talented and there are so many wonderful plans on her site! Good call spotlighting her :-D