Thursday, January 13, 2011

WEBBVILLE Spokeo..(insert scary music)

This isn't a blog- but a web site that is pretty freaky. It's a site called - a new online USA phone book w/personal information

You put in your name AND IT FINDS YOU.... and what your phone number is...and what your address is... and how much your house is worth...and who lives at that address...and how old YOU are...and how much your income is!!! and your approx credit score... AND more.
You can also put in phone numbers and it wil tell you the same thing.
and email addresses.
yuck, I don't like that!!!  (I also found me with my old house info from 5 years ago... )

You DO have to pay a fee to get ALL the information on someone..(like their posted pictures, approx. CREDIT SCORE,  etc)  but for someone wanting to do something BAD or scam ya (like I said you just put in 'their' address... like the guy across the street... and you can know EVERYTHING about them and their family.. NAMES OF THE KIDS..)

This does not make me happy.  I can see bad things happening!

I did find this on somewhere about removing yourself:  Remove yourself by searching for yourself on their site, copying the URL of your page(s), then go to the bottom of the page and on Privacy button to remove yourself. 

Big Brother is watching, and taking notes.... AND SHARING THEM (for a fee)

In the site (way down at the bottom) they have a blog and there is a post is about: How Our Opt-Out ystem Works

I know that they think it is a wonderful site and they have OTHER "blog posts" about how to use the site and how it can help you remember who people are, etc.  But???...  I do try to see both sides of a situation, and I just don't like this one! 

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

blueviolet said...

I took my whole family off of there last year, and I'm so happy to see that we're still off! I think it's super creepy!

Pat said...

A friend emailed me about this 2 weeks ago. I realize all that info is out there, but to make it so easy to find it all in one place. I took my husband and myself off, however I wonder if my daughters took care of deleting their info. Need to check that. Yes it is creepy!

Sue said...

I don't like it, and I'm going to go check it out right now.

Thanks for the heads-up!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I pulled our info off and it says we have someone living with us..which we never had and we don't have kids..thought that was kind of weird..but that person is on her own now.;) unless her info is on ours..and then we are screwed.;) pardon the pun.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my how crazy. I guess I should check and see if I am on there. Wow I hate sites like this.
Thanks for sharing