Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Name Calling

I was caught off guard the other day by a cashier at a store.  She called me sweetie.
What? ... am I living in the south?

Why is it that some people use these endearing names for you...and yet they don't even know you?
Now I may have grown up in California where personal etiquette is just a little more casual... but it's just a little too personal for a stranger to call me that.  
In the military you could always tell the ladies from they south, as they called people by Mr. or Mrs. and other endearing names:
little lady (gag) this term usually comes from a man.

Dude, did I mention I'm from California?

So does any one have any insight as to the endearing name calling to a stranger?  (I totally get the fun endearing name calling to friends and loved ones)   I use the word endearing because all this name calling is always positive. 
Is it supposed to make you feel loved? or warm and fuzzy? or young?
Do I feel young if someone calls me Missy, or girl?  (actually at my age, calling me girl is just a little like you are trying too hard!)  like saying that my daughter and I could be sisters, OH Come On!!!!

ok, so really, do you call others by an endearing name?  do ya dahling? 

12 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

LOL...I'm from the South. I call my daughters "Sis", and my female co-workers "Sis", and my friends "sis...mostly cuz I can't remember their names, but truly because it's endearing.

And one more thing, I'm not a "Dude"...lol

Suzanne said...

I grew up in California and am not "used" to these endearing names either, but the way I look at it is there are worse things to be called, so it's fine with me.

Pat said...

Here in Baltimore, waitresses, clerks and the assortment of women you may run into call you "HON". We do have the Hon Cafe and The Hon Fest. On I 95 as you travel into Baltimore there is a sign saying "Welcome to Balmer Hon". I just smile and figure I live in a wonderful city!

Sue said...

I'm also from California, and while it feels strange to me, I usually don't mind it.

I am more bothered when men do it, particularly if their demeanor makes it feel patronizing in any way.

I only use endearments with my kids (and, occasionally, other children).


sherree said...

we maybe she just knew how sweet I still am struggling with the little kids calling me sister kelbel or mrs kelbel.

regan said...

I'm in retail, and often call the children hon or sweetie.....and this generic name/label of sweetie works well when you can't figure out if they are a girl or boy! (Boy's should have short hair, that's all I'm sayin!)

I worked with one woman from hickville somewhere-south who called everyone SugarPie in a really loud sing-songy voice....she's gone now, thank God!

I don't mind being called sweetie....just don't call me ma'am! I'm old enough for it, but don't!

Em said...

Def only with people I know. I always feel like it's demeaning when people I don't know use them on me, unless I know they're from the south, then it's allowed;)

Anonymous said...

I have not heard anyone use those names here in my part of Arkansas in many, many years. I never have used names like that speaking to strangers.

blueviolet said...

That happened to me last week by a girl young enough to be my child and I thought, huh? I'm in the south though. :(

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I use them, if I can't remember their name...and then I don't feel like such a dumb dumb...Sweetie.;)

The McEwans said...

Brian and I went to dinner and the waitress called me Hun...I don't usually mind it except I think she was younger than me which is weird. Brian grew up thinking that people who said "babe" to someone was a little white trash. He was thrown off because me and my mom say it. I like it though if the person saying it is older than me. (unless they are creepy of course)

kieri said...

Well here in San Diego, one you hear a lot is "Mija" which literally means my daughter in Spanish, but is tossed around a lot. Last night a woman called me Mija when I accidentally cut her in line.