Monday, January 17, 2011


I am so excited!!!
I have been wanting a new, my very own, blog design for a long time now.  I just didn't have the time to figure anything out.... and along came the fairy blogmother:
actually I read about her new company on her blog that I follow: oops! i craft my pants

She started her new fairyblogmother and was asking for people that wanted new blog designs.  Well I jumped at the chance.  Erika was great to work with and believe me I asked a lot of questions!!! She was really helpful even with my dumbest questions.  I am so excited because now I don't run across other blogs that look like mine, I am unique
****AND best part of all I got the tabs I have always wanted.  I mean even I have a hard time remembering which recipes I have posted or people ask me for 'that' certain recipe or sometimes I need a copy of something I've made and NOW...I can just look it up. 
and I can remind myself of my tutorials... ahh I long for the days I could make things
(this cleaning,painting,organizing,moving,sprucing up TWO HOUSES, let alone calming my mother down and helping her  LOVE IT OR LOSE IT.....) but alas there is a time and season for everything. 

What I'm trying to say is........I can't say enough good things about about Erika she was great to work with!   If you are looking for a change or just a little sprucing up or added fun for your blog she's your go-to gal!

love ya Erika!  she's a little mama to be.

9 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

Looks Great!!

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice.

Lauren said...


Sue said...

I absolutely love it. And you're right, it's entirely unique.

Great job, fairy blogmother!


Nezzy said...

It looks marvelous...what a great job you did.

Everyone needs a Fairy Blogmother!

God bless ya and have a grand week sweetie!!!

Lady V dZine said...

This is my first visit, so I don't know what it looked like before, but it looks great now!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your new look and I love the saying: oops I crafted my pants..that is too stinking funny.;)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Great job! Your blogs looks terrific.

blueviolet said...

It really looks wonderful!