Monday, January 24, 2011

Mr. Produce and his Many Jobs.

Sometimes I get a little confused with "normal" behavior. I’ve been here 22 years and I still am amazed at the things our customers do. Do you ask  your Produce Mgr for boxes- to go in the back and get the boxes right now? Do you go into the back room yourself and help yourself to whatever is back there, boxes, bags, fruit that is still on the pallet?

If I ever spruce up my resume, along with the Corporate I follow,  I will add these jobs I am asked to perform everyweek by our customers:

Chef;  How to do you blanch corn so that your corn is good? When I blanched it, it came out soggy. How can I cook it to make it through the winter.
How can I buy asparagus today and use it in 8 days.. do I blanch it or freeze it?
What type of mushrooms do you use in a salad?

Mr. Wizard; Where is this grown and what season?

Math wiz; What is the percentage of ethanol in your gas out in the fuel center?
I need 3 quarts of blueberrys, how much should I buy?

Conseair service; You are all out of toilet paper in the bathroom.
You are all out of twist ties.

Tourist Guide; Where is the best place to eat in town?
Do you know where a good fishing place is?
How do you get to the Game Farm?
How do I get to a Lavender farm?

Mr. Fix-it; The zipper on my grapes won’t work right.

Personal assistant; Will you pick out my mushrooms. (and no they were not in a wheelchair).

YOU are all out of the asparagus that is on sale. YOU need to call Safeway and ask if THEY have asparagus. Yes mam’ they do have asparagus but it is $4.99 there. Well YOURS is on sale and I want THAT price.

And all around Good Sport; I can’t wait for Superwalmart to open. ( I do not work at Superwalmart). 
I can't wait for Grocery Outlet to open. 
Is your store closing?

9 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Marydon said...

You are so cute! Great points, too.

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Have a beautiful week ~
Hugs, Marydon

Momza said...

this was so interesting.
It's never occurred to me to ask the Produce guy
anything beyond, "Can I have a taste of these peaches to make sure they're not mealy?"
Which I do every summer. Because I hate mealy peaches.

The McEwans said...

Very talented

Sue said...


I have a feeling you must have a very friendly feel about you.


Danelle said...

I am guilty of asking for boxes...glad to make the first offense on the list! Love the post from Mr. P.

Lisalulu said...

It's not so much asking for boxes, it's the command "go get them right now" that is a little hard to take.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess that is what is to be expected when you are such a nice and intelligent produce man. lol I wonder if this is why I never see the produce man where I shop? Hang in there Mr. Produce Man, that nice smile surely draws those customers with questions to you too.

blueviolet said...

A lot of patience is required!

Lauren said...

Oh Mr. Produce, I do love your posts. They always make me laugh! :)