Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogville-Money Saving Mom-Budgetwise Home

I have a thing about saving money... I figure most of us do!
A while back I wrote a blogville about Money Saving Mom  here

but wait.... there is MORE out there... like Budgetwise home: here
"helping you decorate your home on any budget"  
go... check it out... pretty great stuff like Cleaning, Color 101 and free decorating ideas.
Next is:    Hip to Save: here
she has all sorts of useful information like Coupon-ing 101 and freebies and information on stores and restaurants and a great NEW HERE? page where you really DO feel welcome.  Lots of stuff here folks! 
 and last but not least, there is the Black Friday Ad 2010 site:  here
you know that day after Thanksgiving when some people go shopping and FINISH their Christmas gift giving shopping?  (and you know who you are Sue)  Where this is the place to go to find out about each and every store under the sun and what sales they are offering this year.  If comparison shopping is your thing, you will be here a long while... or you could just sign up for their daily emails, like I do.

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Sue said...

That Black Friday site is pretty cool! Thanks.


PS. And yes, I know who I am... ;)