Thursday, November 11, 2010

war is hell

Veterans Day-
My father served in the Army.
My x-father in law served in the Army. 
I spent 14 years moving around the world as a Navy wife. 

I've watched the war movies from all the wars.  War is awful.  War is sick.  War is inhumane.  War is uncomprehendable.  
Being in the military means war IS your job.  Supporting your fellow service men and women and country is your job. 
I get the emails with pictures of our soldiers in foreign countries.  I see the mess that they are trying to clean up, and the mess that they are living in.  The service men and women are dedicated to their jobs.  
The service men and women need our prayers.
Veterans Day with it's war heros and survivors.... I salute you and again pray for peace.   
War is hell and it makes me sad.

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blueviolet said...

You are absolutely right. I'm sure you have more insider knowledge on that hell because of your family connection too.

God bless our troops!

Sue said...

I agree, LIsa, and I'll bet you feel it all the more strongly having had so much personal experience with war.

The only ones in my family who've gone to war were the men who are WWII age, my uncle (to Korea), and more recently, my nephew (intelligence, so who knows where he was??).

Thanks for the post...and for your family's service.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

loved your is a way to make it a bit better for those that are serving..the american homemaker is doing a thing where you send stockings full of goodies to those serving in AFgstan:)
shoot her an email if you are interested in helping..I am making 2 of them.;)