Monday, May 17, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I work.
I get 7 holidays (days off) a year.
Gone Fishin' is considered a holiday. a day off? nah we HAVE to go fishin' with the company and hang out all day.... and listen to fish stories... (and how is that different from every other day... and I can't believe its considered a HOLIDAY)

(more about my job tomorrow as tomorrow is Take Your Blog To Work Day)

We we went to Lake Sutherland, a small lake near by.

This year there was no rain. There was no fog. There was no haze.
Just a big ball of beautiful sun! SUN I SAY, *A-mazing*
Have I mentioned that I work with a bunch (A BUNCH) of fishermen!!!
So there are 3 boats and if you want they will take you along fishing for several different kinds of trout and Coho if you are lucky.

There are a bunch of boats out, but it doesn't matter it is warm WITH NO BREEZE... I mean no rain, no fog, NO amazingly beautiful day!
There are a couple of eagles watching over us (or are they waiting for dinner?)

What you can't see him??? ok just a little closer...
I hooked a couple of small fish... then a little bit bigger.. but still too small to keep.
I subscribe to the Kiss and release program:
As soon as we throw the fish back into the lake..... THE EAGLE SWOOPED DOWN AND PICKED UP THE FISH for lunch. (click on the pic for a closer look) Can't believe I got the shot!
He then flys up to the nearest tree to have a little snack.....
And then flys away.... to pick off another unsuspecting 'released' fish...or one that is swimming just a little too close to the top!
The end.... of a beautiful day. Although we won't be having fresh fish for dinner (unless my boss caught Halibut over the weekend! and is in a sharing mood! (ha-HA oh yeah that's a funny one for Halibut is 17.00 a pound)

8 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

I have a friend who goes to Alaska every year and brings home tons of halibut. Enough to stock up the freezer for months.

I am always jealous.


blueviolet said...

Well heck, you could have just thrown it up in the air then if they kept getting picked off. ;)

Kissed by an Angel said...

Waht beautiful photos!! Not sure about fishing though!!!

Mumsy said...

Fantastic pictures of the eagle and your fish. Hugs

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the photos..and the one with the eagle swooping down for dinner is priceless along with the kiss and release photo.:)

janet said...

what a great time you had! Fabulous photos..thanks so much for sharing!
your friend,

kieri said...

My, you have so many blogging friends mom! I love you! And send me some of that halibit! :P

Suzanne said...

What a gorgeous day. That lake is so beautiful!

I just wanted you to know that I received your darling tags today. I love them! Thank you so much -- so kind of you! I've already got one pegged for use!