Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, a day we remember our heritage, especially our Military forefathers that fought for our country. My dad was in the army band and very proud of his service and all Military. I spent MANY years of my first marriage traveling around with the Navy and being very involved with various organizations (OWC etc). It's a different life, certainly not for everyone. Pretty much a strange thankless one until there is a World Crisis and then our military is prepared and ready for the call. Thank You, young & old.
Another aspect of Memorial day is to place flowers on the graves of all family members. My Aunt Kathryn (here's a picture taken on their honeymoon in 1958) grows a large garden for the sole purpose of having enough flowers on Memorial Day for ALL the graves of family members in MANY- - - MANY cemeteries through out the Utah valley. No one has asked her to do this, this is her tradition. Thank you Aunt Kathryn! what a service you do for all our relatives.

We have been on a long quick trip down south to visit with Mr. Produce's family to talk about his mother. Poor thing is still trying to heal from her broken ankle without much luck. We believe that she is 'willing' herself to make it to 90 (on July 7th).
You know that circle of life thing is sometimes a bitter pill.

It's been a long hectic, emotional weekend. so forgive the disjointedness of the post.

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Kelly and Sara said...

beautiful. Wish I was able to get to my grandpas grave today to place a flag there.

Sue said...

I love looking at these old family photos. Thanks for sharing them.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

we used to cut flowers in our Utah garden as well and take them all to the grave sites on memorial day..;)