Monday, May 24, 2010

my weekend- - -

Mallory came over for the weekend and I learned a few (more) things:
6 year olds have TOO much energy-
the dark blue lines on my leg are ugly-
grill cheese on whole wheat bread is not that bad!-
go fish, crazy 8's and oldmaid in the space of 30 minutes can be fun-
mac & Cheese at Applebees is yucky-
when you hear loud running around downstairs at 2:30am, the ole' motherly instict kicks in-
I know how to make 4 different shapes out of the church program-
There's a reason you have children while you are young!

yes it was fun and exhausting!
in other news I got a really fun surprise in the mail:
my blog friend sent me some cards.. for nothing but being a blog friend! THANKS Suzanne!! her blog is here:
wish I had another day off to recover! sigh, no such luck!

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the things you learned about a 6 year old..i was exhausted after I read the cards you got as well..have a great week ahead.;)

Marydon Ford said...

... & you treasure each & every second, I can tell.

Have a lovely week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Sue said...

Those cards are darling, and so is Mallory!


PS. I've been wanting to thank you for the cool gift tags you sent me. I've already used one of them, and it went over BIG. =)

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a very busy, fun weekend! Put your feet up and relax tonight - you deserve it!

Em said...


Kissed by an Angel said...

Made me tired just reading about it!!!