Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take Your Blog to Work Day

First I need to apologize.... my boss DID bring fresh caught halibut for us to take home. (one perk, the only one...unless you like to fish)

Second... I work at a job. 8-5 M-F
Not a career, or anything I like. It is certainly not my passion... just a job.
It's a wholesale company for custom fishing rods. If you have to have a job in this little tiny town, I guess this is as good as any

and it's all about the fish...
Fish are on the walls EVERYWHERE
all kinds....
oh yeah, we are an equal opportunity company, we have a deer head in the annex.
Here's the 'show wall', with more fish.
and then there is MY AREA, THE FRONT OFFICE... The Hub.. and as my boss likes to put it, THE HOT SEAT. I try to keep paperwork on it so it looks like a happening place... and of course it makes me look extremely busy. (how's that working?) (notice MY FISH on the wall, they are wooden.. but you know I had to put MY trophies up!
Here is our warehouse full of more blanks.
Yep that's it.
I can't even get excited about taking my friends on a tour of the place,
how lame is that???

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Suzanne said...

I have to admit that your pink clipboard and pink ruler on your desk made me smile in the midst of all those fish supplies!

Sue said...

I LIKED the tour...


Carmie, the Single Nester said...

I love it! Take your blog to work day!

Patti said...

Was this a fish tale? - hahaha I gave you a "shout out " today on my blog!

Kelly and Sara said...

Just found your blog and we are your newest follower, cute blog background! Thanks for sharing the pics. Hope you have a great rest of your week. Follow us at: